1. E-Bikes are inexpensive

As a commuter driving a car to work, university or college, you have the potential to save extraordinary sums of money, simply by making those journeys with an E-Bike - e.g. Besides their low running costs (just 1 kWh of “fuel” to travel 100 km) the E-Bike costs considerably less to purchase than a car.

Over a life time, the average German will spend around 332,000 Euro on cars. Alternatively, with an average price of just 1,850 Euros, he could afford to buy approximately 179 different E-Bikes!

eBikeFINDER displays over 200 different models, with prices ranging between 1,501 and 2,000 Euros. Maybe here you´ll find the perfect E-Bike match for you?




2. E-Bikes are fun


We strongly recommend that you check this out for yourself! Our dealer locator shows the nearest dealer to you offering opportunities to take a free test ride.

E-Bikes eliminate the physical “demands” of riding a regular bike. Most people remember from childhood that biking can be fun. While cycling uphill or into the wind on a regular bike can feel demanding, an E-Bike smoothly supports you through those challenges. However, if you consider this to be too nonathletic for you, the E-Bike offers flexible levels of support which can be easily adjusted, according to your personal preference and current condition. A Pedelec is a hybrid vehicle which you can easily adjust yourself, to use half muscle power and half electric motor power, depending on how much you wish to exert yourself.






3. E-Bikes are fast.


For most people nowadays, car driving is far less enjoyable, especially in cities. In busy commuter traffic it’s often more about standing or just rolling than actual driving. With an E-Bike you can travel much faster during rush hour, avoiding traffic jams, without aggression and without parking costs.


The market offers a large variety of models. Most common are Pedelecs, supporting speeds of up to 25 km/h if you pedal along. If you want to go faster, you can pick an S-Pedelec, supporting speeds of up to 45 km/h.